See, experience, taste and feel.
A fascinating event that introduces the charm of Tokyo and All Japan!

2021.7.19-9.5 11:30~18:30(別館Annex 11:30~19:30)

See, experience, taste and feel.
A fascinating event that introduces the charm of Tokyo and All Japan!

2021.7.19-9.5 11:30~18:30(別館Annex 11:30~19:30)


With the conduction of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in July 2021,
the event called
is also held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Industry Attractiveness Executive Committee for visitors to experience the charm of Tokyo and all of Japan.

The subtitle of this event is "Yurakucho Showcase".
This event covers the best traditional crafts, cutting-edge technologies, local specialties, and the rich world of food from Tokyo and all over Japan.
Various aspects are included such as clothing, food, housing, and entertainment to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

There are booths and stages where visitors can experience the culture and traditions of Tokyo and other regions of Japan by touching, viewing, and making purchases.

Typical food and beverage of Tokyo and JapanFood are provided at the Annex.
Hope you can enjoy them!


Booth Info

Industrial attractions from Tokyo and all over Japan gathered in one place!
We will provide a stage that everyone can enjoy!
Annex: Serving up a menu of food and drink representing Tokyo and Japan!

Business hours for the events are subject to change without notice.

  • 1
    Japanese Traditional Crafts PR


    We will exhibit, sell, and demonstrate traditional crafts of Tokyo under the theme of "A New Lifestyle with Traditional Crafts,". Traditional crafts from all over Japan will also be on display so that visitors can learn about the various charms of traditional crafts.

    【The Booth Concept (TOKYO DENTOKOGEI PARK)】

    In order to create an open space (booth) that can cater to the enjoyment of those who are not familiar with the charms of traditional crafts, we will create a booth that incorporates characteristics of "park", and try to offer the charms of Tokyo's traditional crafts to as many people as possible.

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  • 2
    Traditional Beauty PR


    This booth presents Japanese traditional techniques and their beauty. Different exhibitors will show the appeal of their products through hands-on experiences, exhibitions, sales, and demonstrations in turn.

  • 3
    Edo Tokyo Kirari


    You can see the products and demonstrations of Tokyo's long-established companies that are making new efforts based on the concept of "Old meets New". This corner will introduce the charms of "Tokyo's treasures" that we would like to pass on to the future. Workshops, demonstrations, sales, and exhibitions will be held on the following schedule.

    ■Jul. 19 - Jul. 25
    Ryu Kobo (Tokyo Kumihimo) *Demonstration & Matsuzaki Ningyo (Edo Mokumekomi Dolls, Edo Sekku Dolls) *Demonstration
    ■Jul. 26 - Aug. 1
    Isehan Honten (beni)  & Chikusen(yukata and  Edo komon) 
    ■Aug. 2 - Aug. 8
    Porter Classic (stitching, Newton bags)*With hands-on experience & Yamamoto Nori (seaweed)
    ■Aug. 9 - Aug. 15
    Edo-kiriko store Hana-Sho (Edo-kiriko glass) & Eitaro-Sohonpou (Edo confectionery)
    ■Aug. 16 - Aug. 22
    Takahashi Kobo (Edo woodblock print) *Workshop and demonstration available & Marukyu Shouten (dyeing products)
    ■Aug. 23 - Aug. 29
    Toshima-ya Honten (Japanese sake) & Kyogen (family crest and crest design)
    ■Aug. 30 - Sep. 5
    Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten (Japanese drums) & Mokume-Ganeya (jewelry using mokume-gane)
    *Exhibition details are subject to change.

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  • 4
    Tokyo Artisanal Techniques


    This booth features demonstrations and displays of works by Japanese artisans (Takumi) in the fields of food, clothing, and living who are participating in Monozukuri - A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques, an event that displays the charms of traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing skills from Tokyo.We will invite different groups artisans to our booth.Please check Exhibitor list for each group's schedule.

    ●Exhibitor list
    ●Monozukuri・Takumi Expo 2020
  • 5
    SMEs in Tokyo PR


    At this booth, highly motivated SMEs in Tokyo will exhibit in turn. They showcase their technical capabilities and various attractions through exhibits, displays, and sales. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute will exhibit and demonstrate actual machines that were jointly developed with SMEs under the robot industry revitalization project for a limited period.
  • 6
    Japanese Alcoholic Beverages PR (Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area)


    This booth introduces the history and the culture of Japanese national alcoholic beverages such as "Sake" which is aiming to be listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, through videos and exhibitions. Visitors can purchase Japanese sake, wine, and shochu from Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi.

  • 7
    Support for earthquake disaster area


    Working together with "Tohoku House" at Akiba Square, We extend our gratitude for the reconstruction support and spread the charm of Tohoku and Niigata to the world!

  • 8
    National Skills Competition &
    Abilympics Tokyo 2021 PR


    This December, Tokyo will host the "Tokyo WorldSkills and Abilympics 2021", a competition in which young technicians and people with disabilities from across Japan will compete in manufacturing and hospitality skills. With Tokyo Big Sight as the main venue, 67 competitions will be held at a total of 14 venues. At the booth, we will introduce the outline of the event and the competitions through panel displays and leaflets.

    ●National Skills Competition & Abilympics Tokyo 2021 PR Video
  • 9
    Local Specialties Fair


    The attractions of 47 prefectures of Japan gathered in Tokyo. Enjoy the local charms of Japan through the sale of local specialties such as handicrafts, foods, and beverages which cool you down in the hot summer. At the flower sales section, you will be welcomed by colorful flowers grown in various parts of Japan.

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  • 10
    Tokyo Tokyo


    With the slogan of "Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New," this booth presents the attractions of Tokyo as touristic destination both locally and globally. Here, you can enjoy the sale of Tokyo souvenirs and the exhibition of various PR contents.

  • 11
    Tokyo City Information


    This Tourist Information booth introduces you to various attractions of Tokyo's "seeing, eating, and playing." We are waiting for you with expert information which helps you to discover and enjoy the new attractions of Tokyo more than just the typical tourist spots. Our Tokyo tourist guide expert will support you on your journey.
  • 12
    Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Booth


    This booth showcases the charms of Tokyo's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries through exhibitions of Tokyo-grown flowers and plants, sales of food products certified as Tokyo's regional specialties (E-mark foods).

  • 13
    National PR


    Local governments from all over Japan will exhibit their specialties, traditional crafts, and other attractions in turn.
  • 14
    Spreading the various charms of industry


    This booth gathers industries, including agriculture, forestry, and fisheries from various areas in Tokyo.Visitors can enjoy the charms through a variety of methods, including hands-on experience, exhibitions, sales, and demonstrations.
  • 15
    Japanese Traditional Crafts PR


    This exhibit features masterpieces of traditional crafts that have won prizes in national competitions. You will be able to see fine articles of pottery, lacquerware, woodwork, and textiles carefully selected from all over Japan.
  • 16
    【Annex】Food and Beverage Service Zone

    7/19(Mon.)~9/5(Sun.) ※In some cases, we may be closed at 18:00

    A variety of organizations will be exhibiting their products in turn. Food and drink menus that are representative of Tokyo and Japan and that utilize ingredients from Tokyo and Japan are provided.

Stage Info

Regular Stage

Local governments and participating organizations from all over Japan hold performances with their unique characteristics. Also, PR videos produced by each exhibitor are screened in between the stage performances.

Special Stage

a variety of activities such as comedies and performances are coming!

TOKYO Comedy Live Day

You can enjoy live comedy shows by Yoshimoto comedians including popular TV personalities and new faces who are rising in popularity.

  • Heaven Artist Day

    We will present a stage featuring Heaven artists certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  • Support Day for earthquake disaster area

    This is a performance stage to cheer and support from Tokyo to the earthquake disaster areas.




Yurakucho Showcase OPEN!
We have some exhibitors joining Yurakucho Showcase!
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